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Do you know how hard that is to do?Hopefully we don’t screw him up and he can continue to play that way.Picking last in the first round is going to make for an interesting predicting season.Does drafting no safeties in the draft tell us that they are confident with Keanu Neal’s recovery as well as Ricardo Allen’s role as the brains of this very young secondary?Thoughts???

We didn’t talk about that yet.I think I can run with anybody, anywhere.That’s about it.I wanted to put Mike Evans here, I did.Does Stafford for Goff represent enough of an upgrade to make them one of the most complete contenders in the NFL.

That’s basketball jersey maker of the great stories just him being Rob.Yes, he will be 36 and won’t play forever.Players change teams in the offseason; new rookies come in and make an impact.They believe this roster has enough talent to win and win now.I did my little two sense and then Lavonte was going off.

Brian from Sparks, NV Hey Beek, long-time reader, first-time writer.I think he’s getting better and better.Obviously, right now, we are not running the ball with consistently.

Whenever the Design Baseball Snapback Caps only has to defend against the pass, they hit you with blitzes and it makes life miserable.First-rounder Devin White is uncommonly fast for an inside linebacker, which helps him make plays in the middle of the field, in coverage and as a pass-rusher.The main reason I ask is because I think he can become a very special player for us if he puts his mind to it.

What he brings is just that winning mentality, that attitude, knowing what it takes to get there and knowing what it takes to win it all, said David.He earned both Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors in his first season with the Buccaneers in 2019.

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